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I’ve decided that I will write this one in English since my English speaking friends showed me that is good to do some overview through the year.

Year 2014 was challenging in all the areas.

At the beginning of the year Janja lost her job as her company went bankrupt as one of the last biggest contractual companies. This was and still is the biggest challenge in this and following year.

I had a privilege to visit Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia. I was there with friends from Slovenian Skiing Association. But they were not the only Slovenians there. There were a lot of Slovenians and I was able to met a lot of new friends. Visit in Sochi was completely different to visit in Moscow year before. I managed to get picture with Russian police and they were smiling.

In March I was in Planica (world ski jumping competition) together with my marketing team. This was really wonderful experience as we got really connected with the team.

We had really challenging year in the bank. But at the end I can say that we managed to achieve almost all the goals. I’m really proud on that as the goals were really challenging and in the beginning of the year we thought that it will be impossible to achieve them.

In year 2014 I ran aprox 1.000 km. I participated at some running and cycling races. I was able to finish two cycling marathons (95 and 65) and two running semi marathons. And I’m still alive!

I also met in autumn sport club near our home. I’m really happy for that as running alone became a bit boring.

The biggest surprise of this years was that Janja started running with me. I’m really happy for that as now I have a running partner. This gives us quality time together at least two times per week. Off course if I manage to convince weather and her health issues.

Gaja and Lana are growing up. Gaja is in fourth grade now and she is learning English and German. At the beginning of the year I thought that this will be a tough nut but she is like a sponge. She has good marks. Although Lana is five she already know the whole alphabet, easy math calculations and a few German and English words. She is like a parrot. We with Janja believe that we will have big challenges with her. And she managed to learn completely new ”sport” discipline and this is blackmailing. This means that she is now trying to blackmail us with a loud crying screaming and giving us quite headaches. This was also a stressful period with Gaja which ended a year or two ago.

The biggest achievement of this year was the I finally finished master bedroom, cellar, minor gym in the basement. That means that Lana got her own room.

Year 2014 was also a learning experience. I managed to try few new tactics at the job which showed promising results. Together with a tam we managed to present Sberbank in a proper way and managed to increase the awareness of the bank significantly.

I can say that I managed to change me as well. In a better way off course. At least I hope that Janja, Gaja and Lana will confirm this.

I’ve started also with my master thesis. I really hope that I will manage to finish it by end od the year 2015. It will be about sponsoring.
The goals for the next year are:

– To find Janja a job. This is the most important goal.
– To stop smoking. Yes I’ve decided to stop smoking. But it is easy to say and hard to do. I really need a hard kick in my ass. But I know that I will succeed.
– To have more quality time with my family.

At the end of my overview I would like to thank you for being around me, around my family. I would like to thank you as you are all contributors to me and my family that we can learn from you.

We (my family) wish you the most promising year 2015 and a lot of personal happiness and good relationship with your loved ones.


Lana, Gaja, Janja, Leon

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